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Absolute Oils

Absolute Oils

Buy Absolute Oils in Australia

Absolute oils are highly-concentrated mixtures extracted from plant parts such as flowers, roots, and seeds. They are more potent than essential oils and offer a stronger aroma. Absolute oils are created using a method of solvent extraction. During the production process, solvent is passed through a plant ingredient and then evaporated, leaving behind a mixture of waxes and oils. After removing the waxes, you’re left with highly fragrant absolute oil. Solvents are used because some plant ingredients such as jasmine are simply too heavy to be effectively distilled like you would with an essential oil. Absolute oils are often used in aromatherapy and perfumery to give products a strong fragrance. They can be diffused in oil burners to spread lovely aromas throughout your home. Once diluted, absolute oils can be added to skincare products to treat numerous skin conditions. Common ingredients used to make absolute oils include jasmine, frangipani, and rose.

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