Magnesium Oil Benefits, Uses & DIY Spray Recipe

Magnesium Oil Benefits, Uses & DIY Spray Recipe

Published by N-essentials Team on 22nd Feb 2019

Ever thought what makes magnesium a wonder element and a must-have mineral for the body?

An essential mineral required by the body, magnesium is vital for overall well-being. It plays a key role and benefits various aspects of our health. In fact, magnesium is required by every cell in the body in some way.

However, are you aware that magnesium deficiency is pretty common?

Stressful lifestyle and modern diet have led to poor intake of magnesium and yet this deficiency continues to be an under-addressed health concern. Lifestyle factors like lack of sleep, stress, consumption of caffeine, alcohol have contributed to a lower level of magnesium in the body. However, given its amazing benefits, this is one element that you really want to get right.

Although magnesium occurs naturally in many foods, you may find it a challenge to get enough of the mineral from diet alone. While you can consider taking magnesium supplements, we have an effective alternative for you. An easy way to boost your magnesium levels is to get it absorbed directly through the skin in the form of magnesium oil. Yes, it’s that easy!

Although referred to as an oil, magnesium oil is actually a highly saturated mineral solution of magnesium. Since the solution has a slippery texture, it is termed an oil. The skin is the largest organ of the body and plays an important role in detoxification and cleansing. Magnesium oil is readily absorbed and is a wonder mineral for the skin.

If you are eager to create a natural and truly holistic beauty care routine, adding magnesium oil can work wonders. Let us delve deep to know the benefits and ways to use magnesium oil.

Benefits of Magnesium Oil:

Smooth and Clear Skin:

Struggling to get flawless skin? Fret not for we have the perfect natural ingredient to make your skin smoother and clearer. Magnesium oil works in easing flare-ups and enhancing your skin tone. Whether you have oily skin or dealing with dry patches, magnesium oil can come to your rescue. The oil works in nourishing the skin and reducing oiliness. It also helps in securing the skin’s protective barrier and keeping it well hydrated. With regular use of magnesium oil, you can make your skin appear dewy and gorgeous.

Get Soft and Glossy Hair:

Magnesium oil offers a natural way to intensively nourish the hair strands for a shinier and healthier appearance.

The oil works in taming frizzy hair and making it manageable. It hydrates the hair from within and makes the perfect ingredient for dry and itchy scalp. To enhance the texture of your hair, all you need to do is wet your hair and massage the oil on the scalp. You can even leave the oil on your scalp overnight and wash in the morning for better results.

Get Restful Sleep:

Magnesium oil is also known for its relaxing properties. Applying a few drops of the oil on your legs, back or stomach before bedtime can help you to feel relaxed and sleep easily.

Ways to Use Magnesium Oil:

If you wish to experience the benefits of magnesium oil, make sure to add it to your natural oils collection. You just need to spray the oil on your legs, arms and stomach daily. It is absolutely normal to experience some tingling when used initially. As your body acclimates to the oil, the tingling will subside.

After applying the oil to the skin, you can either wash it after 20-30 minutes or leave it. In case you are bothered by the sticky feel of the oil, use it at night.

Magnesium Oil Spray Recipe:

Gentle and natural, magnesium oil is an amazing ingredient to add to your beauty routine. N-essentials has ready-made magnesium oil that can be used directly onto the skin and can be purchased in our online store. However, if you’d like to make your own, here is a recipe that you can try making at home.

Ingredients Required:

  • Magnesium Chloride flakes -½ cup
  • Water- ½ cup (Preferably distilled)
  • Measuring cup or glass bowl
  • Spray bottle


  • Bring the distilled water to a boil. Using distilled water helps to extend the shelf life of the oil.
  • Add the magnesium chloride flakes in the cup or bowl. Pour the boiling water over it.
  • Stir continuously until the flakes dissolve completely.
  • After it cools, transfer the content to the spray bottle.
  • You can store the oil at room temperature for about 6 months
  • For a relaxing fragrance, you can even add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Choosing the right magnesium oil:

Magnesium oil offers wide benefits but it is important to make use of only high-quality magnesium oil to reap its benefits. The presence of additives can reduce the efficacy of the oil. So, when buying the oil or ingredients to make the oil, make sure to only go for superior quality and pure oil.

If you are looking for genuine magnesium oil online in Australia, visit N-essentials. We bring to you a broad range of pure, natural and organic cosmetic and skin care products. If you wish to know more, you can get in touch with us. You can also email us at

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