How to Make a Natural Nail Polish?

How to Make a Natural Nail Polish?

Published by N-Essentials Team on 22nd May 2020

We have succumbed to the idea that dazzling nail polish is essential in keeping a youthful look. Who doesn’t like having alluring colours on their hands? Perhaps, the rich tone of burgundy? Or the cheerful hues of pink and yellow? It’s so pampering, isn’t it? Whatever the colours are, it is pretty undeniable that nail colours are fabulous.

However, most nail polishes are expensive and would cost you more than what you think it would be. Why spend a lot of money in salons to get that awesome nail colour when you can just make one or two? Not to mention that nail polish nowadays contain too many chemicals that could risk your skin. Yes, you heard that right. Nails are part of our skin, and surely we would have done something just to prevent long term adverse effects.

N-essentials takes pride in supplying skincare products that helps to beautify the skin. As such, we have a recipe on how to make natural nail polish in the comfort of your home while making sure that it’s not only effective but also relatively cheap. Here’s how to make a natural nail polish for a fraction of what it costs in salons.

DIY Natural Nail Polish



  • Mix the olive oil with the colour choice (mica) in a small pot under low heat. Pour into a bowl and strain the olive oil back into the pot.
  • Add in the beeswax and stir for a minute. Also, add in jojoba oil and vitamin E oil. Blend thoroughly. Then, store it in a small jar with a tight lid.
  • To use again, place the small jar in a pan of warm water to reheat.

Making natural nail polish ensures that not only you get to have fabulous-looking nails but also enables you to save money. Share this with your friends and family to enjoy the benefits!

Although mica pigments are awesome to the skin, however, it should not be used with metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and/or zinc at high temperatures to avoid an incandescent reaction.

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