Everything you need to know about body oils

Everything you need to know about body oils

Published by N-essentials Team on 19th Feb 2021

    During the cold winter months, bitter winds dry our skin often times leaving us feeling scaly, no matter how much we try to reapply moisturisers. Keeping our skin hydrated is top priority whatever the season and there are number of ways to do that. However, let us introduce to you another way that is sure to lock in moisture in your skin without the heavy feeling. Enter body oils.

    Although most individuals associate oils with clogged pores or a greasy leftover film, the fact is that some natural oils are lightweight and more readily absorbed into the skin, leading to a more even complexion and less breakouts. To achieve this, make certain that you are using the uncut version of the oil. Uncut body oils are undiluted oils that have not had any solvents added that weaken the strength of the oil in order to keep the price down. Buy wholesale uncut body oils that you know are premium grade and from a trusted supplier.

    Here at N-essentials, we supply quality oils meant to help you achieve healthy-looking and nourished skin. So, you see, integrating body oils into your skincare routine is unbelievably easy. Body oils can do all that your favourite moisturising lotion can give you and more! Trust us when we say that you're not going to miss that lotion bottle one bit.

    How to use body oils

    Body oils are smooth, dense and highly concentrated liquids that are typically transparent in colour. The best body oils are said to be the ones that are organic, chemical-free, and plant-derived, helping improve the look and quality of the skin. As oils mimic the natural lipids found in our bodies, applying it results in extreme softness of the skin.

    They sink in between the cells and create a healthy-looking, smoother skin surface. Oils contain natural emollient components which help to soften rough skin. Due to these qualities, if you have super-dry skin, they may be especially beneficial (avocado oils are particularly good for this). Body oils also help the skin smell amazing!

    Being a longtime favourite among skincare enthusiasts, body oils have been widely used across different cultures since the ancient times. Packed with serious benefits, they are known to be effective moisturisers with concentrated and long-lasting aroma. Follow through below to know more about how body oils have been considered one of the greatest gifts from the gods.

    • Body oils tend to have cleaner ingredients. Using body oils keep your skin and body free of synthetic additives that might pose harm to your overall skin health. Conventional lotions are made from a mixture of oil and water, making it necessary to add a preservative. In the marketplace, many body oils are often laden with mineral oil, silicones and colourants. Keep things simple and natural by using only carrier oils and essential oils.
    • Body oils are great for skin. Its amazing capacity to moisturise the skin is the most obvious advantage of body oils. The best natural body oils are free from additives, unlike some body lotions. What's more, for hours, body oils seal moisture into your skin, while body lotions rub off faster. The reason your skin is smooth and supple is because it has a healthy balance of moisture, making you both look good and feel good. Take time to massage body oils into your skin. Before doing so, wash off perfumes and lotions and exfoliate. Apply to your skin and let it soak for 5 minutes before getting dressed. This way, you maximise the amount of moisture your skin absorbs. You may also use body oils to help relieve dry heels and cuticles, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent razor burn when shaving.
    • Body oils are great for massages. As we all know, most massages are done with body oils as they make it easier to massage and rub the skin. It helps cause less friction and discomfort during massage therapies. Essential oils have been used in this way either by inhalation of the aroma or by topical application. 
    • Body oils contain your favourite essential oils. Yes. That is correct, body oils can contain your favourite essential oils. When purchasing one, make sure to read the label to know what essential oil is present in the body oil and find out which one works for your skin type. With its deep hydration effects, body oils containing essential oils are formulated to smooth, nourish and moisturise the skin.
      Turn your skin from sensitive and dehydrated to supple and vitamin-rich by incorporating body oils into your skincare routine. To do this at home, simply apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil to damp skin after you shower. This way, the skin is still damp and more easily and efficiently absorb the moisture of body oil. Also, you may want to warm up the oil onto your palm before applying as it can help the oil become lighter in order to cover more area, allowing you to use less during applications. 
    • Using body oils will help you save bucks. In addition to the many beauty benefits of body oils, transitioning from lotion to body oil will also help you save money. Since the best body oils are more costly than lotions, this may seem contradictory, but note that a little body oil goes a long way. Use only a little bit of oil to cover a lot of skin to efficiently moisturise and create a satisfying massage experience. With using body lotion, it may take multiple pumps to quench your skin's thirst, whilst with body oils, a small dollop will be enough to cover most of your body.

What are the types of body oils that provide skin benefits?

Sweet almond oil

Even for sensitive skin types, gentle sweet almond oil is typically healthy (though you should always test before application). This oil has a beautiful, slightly sweet fragrance, which means that it’s especially adept at working as both a body oil and gentle sweet scent. When the skin is no longer dry or irritated, try mixing with brown sugar to create a cleansing body scrub. You may also combine it with cinnamon, clove and rose oil to help nourish the skin and elevate its scent.

Apricot kernel oil

Another sweet, lightweight oil that can be used for both the body and hair! Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins such as A, C, E, and K. Make sure to rinse it off your skin with warm water and dry gently with a clean towel to prevent clogged pores and acne. Apricot kernel also does great double-duty for dry, damaged hair. Add a few drops to a warmed-up carrier oil such as almond oil, and then apply it to wet hair for at least 20 minutes, wrapping it in a towel. (It's perfect for overnight use, too.) You may also add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to your apricot kernel oil for a skin-clearing blend.

Sunflower oil

Owing to an abundance of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, sunflower oil quickly absorbs into the skin making it an excellent choice as a moisturiser. Not only that, it is also incredibly soothing. This means that it does not only help relieve dry skin but also skin irritation and even acne. To boost its skin-soothing properties, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your sunflower oil and luxuriate in its divine aroma. 

Grapeseed oil

Used in many different skin products, this light, vitamin-rich oil is popular among face products as it is known to have some skin-nourishing properties making it look younger and healthier. Unlike other heavier oils, grapeseed oil is best even on skin prone to breakouts. Mix with a few drops of sandalwood oil to help promote soft skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Jojoba oil

Another pantry staple, jojoba oil shares many of the same hydrating and skin-loving properties as grapeseed oil. Since jojoba oil is similar to our skin’s structure, it is able to dissolve or replicate oil whether your skin overproduces or underproduces it. Simply put, it can help stabilise sebum production and help lessen skin blemishes. Jojoba oil is composed of minerals and nutrients and also acts as an emollient to soothe the skin and provide moisture all day.To help lessen further sun damage, mix it with a few drops of natural green tea extract

Why buy uncut body oils in bulk?

More people are now favouring uncut body oils because of the many amazing benefits it can provide. If you’re looking for high-quality body oils for your skin, then purchasing the premium ones from a trusted supplier is the best way to go. Buying wholesale uncut body oils in bulk can also help you create different body oils for different purposes to help improve and nourish the skin based on the oil’s special components. You may even want to create your very own homemade concoctions to gift your loved ones once you have proven the oil beneficial and safe yourself. Stocking in carrier and essential oils can help you experiment and learn which oils are best to use for your skin condition. 

Where to buy wholesale uncut body oils?

Looking to try high-quality natural skin remedies? Try something different and use body oils. Here at N-essentials, we supply quality wholesale carrier and essential oils meant to love and bring goodness for your skin. Our wide range of oils are fit for purpose and are best to use as body oils for different skin types. If you want to know more, contact us via

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