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We all need to unwind and loosen up at the end of a hectic day, but how? Don’t fret. Let fragrance oils for candles help you and enjoy a candle-lit night-time routine.

Build your desired atmosphere effortlessly with fragrance oils for candles and give in to the delightful aroma. From reimagining a trip on the beach to indulging in a fruity galore, everything is at your fingertips with fragrance oils for candles.


Fragrance oils for candles are well-blended natural or synthetic fragrance compounds that are not diluted with other scentless carrier oils. It is produced with the intention of bringing stronger scents and enhancing the aroma of candles and other products like perfume, cosmetics and air fresheners. Fragrance oils can have as long a shelf life as essential oils, or longer. Fragrance oils have two broad types: natural fragrance oils and synthetic fragrance oils or a combination of both.

Natural fragrance oils for candles have raw ingredients and are produced by separating other scents from natural aromatic components. While, synthetic fragrance oils are made in a laboratory and have chemical components that are not found in nature. They are cheaper, but flexible because of their petroleum by-products.


Evening routines are as important as morning routines so that you can make time for yourself and loosen up after a busy day, both physically. Take time to break the hectic cycle and enjoy night-time activities with scented candles before you lie down and slumber. To set the ball rolling, here are some ways that you can step up your night-time routine game with fragrance oils for candles.


Turn off the harsh, white lights and let the candles illuminate your bathroom as you pamper yourself. Enjoy the warm water and aroma in the air. After all, you deserve it after a long and busy day. Scented candles can change the mood of your regular bathroom, turn it into a day spa and enhance your bathing experience. Hence, there are different kinds of fragrance oils for candles that you can select from.


Meditation is one way of increasing self-awareness and spending time with yourself. With fragrance oils for candles, it lets you savour the moment of being alone and be guilt-free from doing nothing. Begin with taking deep breaths as you fix your eyes on the flame. Empty your mind and immerse yourself with its aroma and beauty.


Set aside modern technology, grab a book and light up a scented candle because sometimes the old-fashioned way is better. Reading a book lets you adore the wonderful stories it holds while you prepare yourself to sleep. Moreover, fragrance oils for candles exude an aroma that can make your experience even better.


If you are still hesitant about what fragrance oils for candles can do to help, here are several benefits that you should bear in mind.

  • Inexpensive: Fragrance oils for candles are relatively inexpensive and will not cause pain to your budget.
  • Versatile: Aside from candles, fragrance oils can be used for a lot of products like perfume, shampoo and air fresheners.
  • Soothing: Fragrance oils for candles create soothing effects, which is a great thing to add to your night-time routine.
  • A time for romance: Create some romantic moments in your relationship and keep the fire burning, literally. Fragrance oils for candles can be used during special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.
  • Variety of aromas: Fragrance oils for candles have numerous kinds of scents. It can mimic aromas not found in nature and you can also combine them to create a new fragrance.
  • Fragrant: Fragrance oils for candles have different charming aromas and can ward off unpleasant odour. Let the fragrance diffuse anywhere in your house and witness it transform into a day spa.


It is challenging to pick out the right fragrance oil that you want, knowing that there are different brands and products in the market to choose from. Especially finding a high-quality product that fits your needs. Thus, here are some pleasant fragrance oils for candles that you would surely like to consider:

1. Almond milk fragrance oil: If you prefer sophisticated aromas with a touch of sweet almond milk, then this fragrance oil is for you.

2. Vanilla caramel fragrance oil: This creamy and luscious scent of vanilla caramel will be perfect for your lovely scented candles.

3. Coco mango fragrance oil: This fragrance oil lets you experience a fruity and tropical sensation. It is excellent for candle-making because of its fresh sweet aroma.

4. Lotus flowers fragrance oil: With a fresh, rich and floral scent, lotus flowers fragrance oil provides an elegant character to your candle.

5. Watermelon fragrance oil: Enjoy the smell of watermelon fragrance oil for candles. You can never go wrong with a juicy choice.

6. Honey manuka fragrance oil: Fill the room with the smell of sweet honey by mixing this fragrance oil into your candle.

7. Kakadu strawberry lime fragrance oil: This fragrance oil for candles is a fusion of sweet and citrusy smell. If you are the type who likes to connect with your feminine and bold side, then you’ll love this fragrance oil.

8. Ocean breeze fragrance oil: Let this aroma take you on a trip to memory lane, to a time when you felt the ocean breeze on your skin and the smell of fresh air. Remake your experience by adding this fragrance oil to your candle.

9. Peach fragrance oil : This unique and nectar-like fragrance oil for candles has a scent that creates a bubbly personality to your candle.

10. Passionfruit fragrance oil : Get a whiff of this passionfruit fragrance oil for candles and you won’t ever regret it! It has a tropical and fruity-floral aroma, pleasant to the nose.

11. Fresh Aussie sea salt fragrance oil : This fragrance oil for candles lets you unwind and enjoy the smell of fresh and salty marine aroma.

12. Lemongrass and ginger fragrance oil : Engulf in a fresh, earthy and lemony aroma. It brings uniqueness to your candle.

13. Green tea fragrance oil : This is an enjoyable and stylish scent that you would like, just like how you fancy your tea.

14. Lemon myrtle & verbena fragrance oil : This delightful and powerful aroma provides a sweet and lemony touch. If you love lemons and verbena, then consider this as a treat.

15. Pina colada fragrance oil : Reminisce your fun moments with pina colada fragrance oils for candles. Take a sniff of the fresh pineapple scent blended with the smell of luscious and creamy coconut.


Before you start making your customised scented candles, you must choose what type of candle wax to use. The following are some natural wax choices to consider before mixing fragrance oils for candles:

  • Palm wax: It is made from hydrogenating palm oils. Plus, it is naturally hard and has a feathering or crystallising pattern that forms on top of the candle. It is suitable for candle types like pillar, votive and tart.
  • Soy wax: It is a natural wax that is made from soybeans, some are blended with vegetable oil. It is eco-friendly and burns slower. If you dislike petroleum being a part of the ingredients, then soy was is perfect for making your scented candles.
  • Beeswax: This is arguably the best wax for candles since way back in history. It is produced by honey bees, which makes it natural. Beeswax, compared to other waxes, has a higher melting point and lasts longer than most candles. In addition, it has a subtle, natural scent and acts as an air purifier. No wonder this is a favourable ingredient for candles among royalty and nobles.


Once you have chosen your desired fragrance oil for candles, it is now time for the next step. Here are some tips on how to properly add fragrance oils for candles.

  • Right temperature: After melting the wax into a clear liquid, it is important to add the fragrance oil when it is at the right temperature (180-185F for soy and paraffin wax and 200-205F for palm wax) because it will give a stronger scent.
  • Stir for at least 3 to 5 minutes: This step is crucial because the proper amount of time will make the fragrance oil bind with the wax, or else it will settle at the bottom of the wax and will have a weak scent.
  • Trim the wick: For the candle to burn efficiently and safely, it is important to trim the wick. The recommended trim is 1/4-1/8 for soy candles and above 1/4 for wood wicks in any application. Smoke, mushrooming, soot and large flames can occur if you don’t trim the wick. Best to follow the guidance of a wick size chart.
  • Preheat containers: Preheat the containers to avoid shrinking and pulling the wax from the container, delay the cooling process and prevent wet areas.
  • Use a thermometer: Keep track of the temperature by using a thermometer to avoid burning the wax, along with, knowing when to add the fragrance oil and wax at the right temperatures.
  • Test it out: Do a test burn before deciding to make more of your candles. You must check if it meets your desired outcome and if it burns properly.
  • Precautions: There are things that you should avoid doing while making your scented candle, such as, adding too much fragrance oils, melting wax in a microwave, burning the candle for more than 3 to 4 hours, placing wax inside the refrigerator, using crayons to dye the candles, using the wrong size wick and using perfume to replace fragrance oil. You should keep in mind to avoid such instances.


Fragrance oils for candles can also be used for a lot of other products in order to give them a distinctive and pleasing aroma. Hence, let us elaborate on some of these products.

  • Perfume: Adding fragrance oil to the perfume is on the rise to popularity due to its ability to stay longer on the skin. They make perfumes smell nice and not overwhelming, unlike alcohol-based ones.
  • Soap: Fragrance oils for candles generally can also be used in soap. It sure does bring a perkier side to it, plus, you can also explore and add other fragrances that you fancy when making your own soap.
  • Shampoo: Perhaps you didn’t find a shampoo that has your favourite scent? Then, you can create your own customised shampoo. Add your desired fragrance oil to other ingredients and see the magic. Furthermore, you can add carrier oils to add more benefits, such as jojoba oil.
  • Air fresheners: Make the surrounding air smell nice by spraying your personalised air freshener. Just add a few drops of fragrance oil of your choice to a plastic spray bottle, fill up with water, then shake thoroughly.


Finally, we now understand the benefits of fragrance oils for candles and their different types of aromas. They are so versatile that they are used in several products like air fresheners, shampoos, soaps perfumes and candles. Fragrance oils and candles work hand in hand in creating a great experience and it will surely perk up your night-time routines.

Burning candles have been popular and beneficial, from lighting up homes to relaxation throughout history. Candles have multiple purposes, so adding fragrance would be the cherry on top. Thus, fragrance oils for candles are the best for creating desirable aromas. Go ahead and try it out!


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