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Dried Botanical Flowers

Are you searching for a high quality, 100% organic dried flowers supplier in Australia? N-essentials is one of Australia’s most trusted wholesaler of dried flowers, we can provide customers with a large variety of dried flowers and petals that cater to your exact needs. Dried flowers and petals can provide many benefits and are ideal for use in aromatic herbal blends, or they can be incorporated into diffuser scents, bath bombs and soap recipes to add a splash of colour and herbal scents.

N-essentials is proud to share its selection of floral materials to add to your collection of beauty essentials. Our online store offers a number of dried flowers, including Calendula Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, and Red Rose Petals.

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Floral ingredients have been dominating in today’s line of beauty products. They are everywhere and are primarily incorporated in skin care applications. One of the reasons they are added is that they easily attract users and make them want to use it thanks to their attractive, vibrant colours and floral scents.

Although they have been dried up, floral ingredients still possess the qualities of a living flower. They carry skin-calming properties that help reduce facial redness and even our skin tone. They also help maintain the skin's pH balance, making it appear fresh and radiant. As a natural ingredient, they can be used to exfoliate as it helps in removing the top layer of dead skin.

Add these flowers to your bath and body products such as soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, body lotions, facial toners, facial steams, herbal sprays, and herbal hair rinses. You can also use them in making homemade dyes, candles, and potpourri! 



Dried flowers are full of subtle colours and myriad textures. What can you do with them besides arranging them in a lovely bouquet? Dried flowers can be used to make your own tea blends, they work well in DIY cleaning products too. Many love to stash little sachets in their sock draws to keep their clothes smelling fresh or create potpourri bowls for around the house.

If you want to get a little more creative, you can use them in candle making to add some extra colour or a more intense aroma and the same can be said for making your own paper. A very popular way to use dried flowers is also within bathing and other body care rituals. Not only do they look beautiful sprinkled in bathwater, they can also be used in lotions, toners, masks and herbal hair rinses and sprays. 



N-essentials is your one-stop online shop if you wish to purchase natural floral materials. We strive towards meeting the highest possible standards and that you get the finest products suited for your desired applications.

We are a top supplier when it comes to purchasing bulk dried flowers in Australia. Our customers enjoy a wide range of wholesale priced dried flowers, available all year round. We provide dried flowers and petals for use in bathing salts, soap making and other personal care applications. If you’ve been searching for a regular supplier of bulk dried flowers in wholesale quantities, we can help. Shop our range to find the dried flowers you need or get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can help with your dried flower requirements.