What is hemp seed oil?

What is hemp seed oil?

Published by N-essentials Team on 14th Apr 2014

Are you looking for a new base oil to add to your collection? Hemp seed oil is a versatile carrier oil that has amazing benefits. If you’re looking for an oil that can offer excellent benefits to the appearance of your skin and hair, hemp seed oil should be your go-to. It is an underrated gem for anyone interested in skin or body care, and it has a strong affinity for both.

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What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is a carrier oil that is made from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the Cannabis sativa plant’s seeds. Because of this, hemp seed oil often has neither THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) nor CBD (cannabidiol), but it still offers a variety of advantages.

Hemp seed oil is a carrier oil. Carrier oils are considered to be “base” oils as they are used as the foundation of aromatherapy oils, typically combined with essential oils or other carrier oils. Hemp seed oil contains a number of vitamins and fatty acids that are great for the skin and body. This green-coloured oil is cold-pressed from the plant’s seeds and used for a variety of applications, such as in the hair, on skin and nails, as well as for aromatherapy.

What is the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil?

Generally speaking, hemp oil can refer to two types of oil that are extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. These are CBD oil and hemp seed oil.

CBD oil is made through an extraction process from the same plant’s leaves and flowers, while hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds. CBD oil has high concentrations of CBD compound, which may have many therapeutic and medicinal properties. Hemp seed oil has no CBD or THC and is an oil that can have skin-nourishing qualities when used the right way.

Why is hemp seed oil good for the skin?

Considered to have the perfect fatty acid profile, hemp seed oil is one of the most nourishing oils available. It has a slightly nutty flavour and can be used externally for a variety of health and beauty needs.

Since hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the Cannabis sativa plant, it retains all the beneficial properties of the plant. Hemp seed oil is full of important fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are good for your face, skin, and hair. When applied properly, hemp seed oil enforces a number of skin-nourishing effects due to its capacity to permeate deeply into the skin.

Hemp seed oil is thought to have high quantities of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. This makes it useful for a variety of uses, such as natural skincare.

How can you use hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil has a variety of benefits. Read about the different ways of using hemp seed oil below.

Hemp seed oil for skin

When used topically, hemp seed oil works as an excellent moisturiser. This is crucial because it removes any dust particles that can persist on the skin in addition to making it appear smooth and oil-free. As it is almost identical to our own lipids, the oil can be used on our skin as a moisturiser. Using hemp seed oil as a moisturiser will make your skin appear hydrated and soft, without clogging your pores.

If you want to use hemp seed oil as a moisturiser, you can rub it directly onto your skin. You can include it in your morning and evening skincare routine. It might help to do a patch test before you start using hemp seed oil regularly.

Hemp seed oil for hair

For your hair, much like your skin, hemp seed oil is a brilliant moisturiser. When used on your hair, hemp seed oil has the ability to lock in moisture, giving your hair a softer appearance. It can even help tame flyaways and baby hair.

To use hemp seed oil on your hair, it is best to create a natural hair serum. You can mix hemp seed oil with argan oil and rosemary essential oil and apply this mixture to your hair.

Hemp seed oil in a massage oil blend

Hemp seed oil is also useful for massage both in its pure form and mixed with another carrier oil. Combining different oils can make for a natural, effective massage oil that not only feels great and soothes the skin but also smells pleasant and fresh.

Where can you buy hemp seed oil in Australia?

When purchasing hemp seed oil it is important to remember that it has a certain shelf life when stored correctly. It is recommended to keep it in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

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