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What is avocado oil and how it can help you?

What is avocado oil and how it can help you?

Published by N-essentials Team on 15th May 2019

Reviewed By: Kacie La

Avocados aren’t just for eating! In fact, avocado oil, which is cold pressed from the fruit and seed of the avocado, can be used for the skin, scalp, massage, aromatherapy and much more. The benefits of avocado have been known for many years, with the oil prized among those who are looking for a  natural ingredient in their skincare and hair care products. The following are the various benefits and nutrients found in avocado oil:

Proteins and fats

Avocado oil is rich in proteins and unsaturated fats, which are good skin agents. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are also good for moisturising and caring for the skin.


The oil from an avocado also has a high  antioxidant content. These are useful for healing sun-damaged skin. Some of the antioxidants in avocado oil include the vitamins A, D and E, which are also good for reducing the appearance of aged skin.

Scalp wash

Avocado oil is not only good for the skin! It is also  helpful for dry scalps and those who suffer from dandruff. It can even promote hair growth if used regularly.

Other uses

Avocado oil is also suitable for the absorption of essential oils, aromatherapy, massage, nappy rash and various conditions, among other things.

Avocado oil is a great addition to your beauty and skincare routine. If you would like to purchase some for your stash, N-essentials have avocado oil available in varying bottle sizes. Visit online to order now!


Due to these great nutrients, avocado oil is perfect for moisturising the skin. The oil can be deeply absorbed, making it ideal as a topical treatment to relieve dry and itchy skin, particularly during harsh winter weather.

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