The Magic of Rosemary Oil

The Magic of Rosemary Oil

Published by N-essentials Team on 8th Sep 2014

You’ve probably heard of rosemary before – another jar in your herbs and spices or perhaps a fragrant addition to your garden. But rosemary can be much more than this! In fact, it is also a popular essential oil for aromatherapy and skincare products. Clear in colour with a thin consistency, this invigorating and stimulating scented oil is popular for a wide range of applications and can be used on its own and in combination with other popular oils.

Rosemary is an essential oil that has an abundance of benefits. From improving the appearance of your hair and skin to its aromatherapy benefits, Rosemary is an essential oil that can give you many benefits. Learn more about where this superstar essential oil comes from and how it can be used in your life. You can find some of the most popular uses of rosemary essential oil in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Where does rosemary essential oil come from?

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, a perennial shrub known as rosemary can be frequently seen. The fragrant Rosemary bush is an evergreen shrub that has beautiful blue flowers. It has leaves with high oil content and is a member of the fragrant family of herbs, which also includes lavender, basil, mint, oregano and more. Because they can adapt to various ecological conditions, rosemary plants are found in humid environments all over the world.

Rosemary leaves have a dark upper surface and a pale underside coated in dense hairs. Small, tubular, pale- to deep-blue blooms appear at the leaves' apex and bloom throughout the summer. Although oils can also be extracted from the stems and leaves before the plant starts to blossom, the highest quality rosemary essential oil is found in the plant's flowering tops.

The most popular method for obtaining rosemary essential oil is steam distillation of the plant's leaves and flowering tops. The oil is colourless or pale yellow after distillation and has a watery viscosity. It has a potent, cooling scent that is herbaceous and reminiscent of mint with a woody, balsamic undertone.

Benefits of Rosemary essential oil

Apart from being a popular culinary herb, Rosemary can be an excellent addition to your wellness journey. Harness the benefits of Rosemary and see the difference in your hair and skin. Not to mention its many aromatherapy benefits. Read below to learn more about how to use Rosemary essential oil.

Rosemary oil for hair

Rosemary is a popular addition to shampoos and lotions, or on its own as an oil treatment. It can be a great way to boost your hair’s appearance and can even positively impact your hair health. Rosemary oil is an excellent addition to your hair care routine.

It can stimulate the follicles, promote growth and strength of your hair. It is also a powerful moisturiser, helping treat dry and flaky scalps. Massaging your hair and scalp with rosemary oil will nourish the scalp. This means that you may get less dandruff. A great way of using rosemary oil to improve your hair is to combine it with olive oil to boost its strengthening effects. Those with sensitive hair should consult a doctor before adding essential oils to their hair or skin routine.

Rosemary oil for your skin

Rosemary oil is also a popular skincare ingredient. It can help with moisturising the skin and moisturising tired skin. Adding rosemary oil to your homemade DIY soaps and moisturisers can be a great way of adding a healthy glow to the skin. Not to mention, it has a pleasant fragrance, which makes it a great addition to any cosmetic product.

Rosemary oil for aromatherapy

Rosemary oil has a powerful scent and is therefore very popular for use in air fresheners. It can fill a space with a unique tangy scent, making it ideal for removing bad odours from rooms and objects. You can put a few drops of rosemary oil in your diffuser and get a refreshing scent in your space. Its fragrance is a welcome addition to any home or office space. Or you can even include it in the water you use to mop the floors.

Where can you find rosemary essential oil in Australia?

As a fragrant and effective product, rosemary oil is an excellent addition to anyone’s beauty bag. If you would like to buy rosemary essential oil, you can find it online at N-essentials. Available in various sizes, there is something to suit everyone’s needs. You can buy a bulk size like 1 or 5 litres or start with smaller quantities like 30 ml.

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