Making the Grade: Essential Oils

Making the Grade: Essential Oils

Published by N-essentials Team on 25th Jul 2019

The powers of essential oils are not exactly ‘new’ news to the world at large. These substances have been used by various civilisations here for thousands of years prior to today. It is a truism, perhaps, that one simply cannot improve upon the classics.

However, what has changed is our technological prowess. Today, we are capable of distilling and purifying these oils in ways that were unthinkable only one hundred years prior, providing a substance now that is far more potent than our ancestors were using. This comes with pitfalls, of course - such pure oils should never be applied directly to our skin without dilution or ingested, for health reasons - but the range of uses now has expanded considerably.

It is important to note, however, that ‘purity’ in the field of essential oils is subject to scarcity and yield variability. Every essential oil must walk the line between purity, and an approachable price point. At N-essentials, we focus on helping you to enjoy a premium product, and key to this mindset is the idea that all clients must be informed.

So, to wit, let’s break down some definitions.

Commercial Grade vs. Pure Oil

Essential oils are steam distilled from their source, whether that is lavenderlemongrass, or lime. But not all oils are particularly easy to come by. Some, by virtue of their source, are produced only in small quantities. Law of supply and demand suggests that these oils are very expensive. Examples of oils that fit this description include Roman ChamomileGerman ChamomileVetiver and Helichrysum.

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In cases such as these, you might notice that these oils are sold under the ‘commercial grade’ moniker. That is because they are extremely expensive in their pure form; the bulk of providers will produce these oils in conjunction with another product to increase their volume, paired with organic mixing agents, ones that do not detract from its scent or potency. Our commercial grade oils are a manufacturer’s blend of natural constituents that have been steam distilled from the botanical and as such, fall under the description of ‘commercial grade’.

In cases where the oil is not overwhelmingly expensive or scarce, the essential oil grade of ‘pure’ is employed. It indicates exactly that - that the oil has not been mixed with other agents and has been steam distilled directly from the botanical.

In constructing your product, it is vital to strike a balance. There is no sense in utilising a pure, yet extremely expensive, essential oil for a purpose such as its fragrance - it will simply price out the majority of consumers. 

At N-essentials, we provide essential oils that we believe walk this line, through trusted providers, known for their good processes and upright business model. Browse our online store for the latest!

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