8 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

8 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

Published by N-Essentials Team on 30th Jul 2020

Welcome to N-Essentials, the home of natural products and plant extracts. Our mission at N-Essentials is to provide the best of nature to you. There are many good reasons to use natural products, particularly essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated and have a wide range of cosmetic benefits. You can find new and revitalising products for your skin and hair that won’t use chemicals. When used correctly, essential oils can be an effective and safe way to improve your skin and hair’s overall appearance.

A great way to incorporate essential oils into your skincare routine is to use multipurpose and versatile oils. Tea tree oil is a complete all-rounder that you can add to your home today. Regular use of tea tree oil will definitely show benefits to your skin and hair.

Before we discuss why tea tree oil is good for your skin, let’s get something out of the way first. The tea tree pertained to in this article is not the same as the plant used for making the black or green tea that you may be sipping right now. Rather, it’s a small tree native to the swampy coasts of Queensland and New South Wales. It was used more as a source of traditional medicine than as a source of tea. Tea tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of this tree, which is native to Australia. The goodness of Australia’s biodiversity, straight from the coasts to your home! The oil has a wide range of uses, with excellent benefits to your face, skin and hair.

Why is tea tree oil good for your skin?

Tea tree oil is an inexpensive and safe oil to use. It has moisturising qualities. What this means is that with regular use as a moisturiser, tea tree oil can improve the appearance of dry and dull-looking skin.

In addition to its moisturising properties, tea tree oil is good for your skin because it can protect your skin from bacteria. The essential oils from the leaves of a tea tree contain 4-Terpineol, a colourless to pale yellow compound that has proven antibacterial properties. In fact, it is the main component of the tea tree oil and there may not be any other plant out there that contains as much 4-Terpineol in its leaves and branches as the tea tree. Some experiments have also shown that this compound seems to increase white blood cell activity, consequently improving the body’s resistance to bacteria. This means that tea tree oil has a natural tendency to fight germs and bacteria.

How can you use tea tree oil on your skin?

Even though investigations on tea tree oil are still ongoing, it’s already established that it indeed has some therapeutic benefits. But what most people don’t know is that considering 4-Terpineol’s known properties, this essential oil also has some cosmetic benefits. Here’s what tea tree oil can do to your skin.

Natural deodorant

Knowing that tea tree oil can kill bacteria, it’s easy to understand how it can help regulate underarm odour as well. Body odour happens when bacteria starts breaking down the sweat in your armpits. By applying tea tree oil, you can keep bacteria build-up in your armpits under control.

Insect repellent

Whether you are camping at the outback or simply having a barbecue at your own backyard, make sure to apply insect repellent. Instead of using commercial lotion, you might want to try tea tree oil. Mix it with a carrier oil first to reduce its potency and apply it to your skin.

Kills nail fungus

As it turns out, it’s not just bacteria that tea tree oil can kill, but nail fungus, too. If you’re suffering from a fungal nail infection, you must always bring with you tea tree oil, so you can apply it on affected nails every now and then until the fungus is completely gone.

Manages dandruff build-up

Dandruff is formed when the bacteria Malassezia Globose produces oleic acid, which breaks down the collagen and dirt on the scalp. Apparently, dandruff formation can be controlled by eliminating as much bacteria on your scalp as possible. Rubbing a safe solution of tea tree oil on your scalp before taking a bath has been known to be an effective remedy.

Relieves itchiness

Dry skin is not just unsightly but itchy as well. Applying moisturiser mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil can help soothe your dry skin, eventually reducing the itchiness.

Helps prevent acne breakout

Pimples or acne erupts when the pores in your skin are clogged with grease, dirt, or bacteria. You can prevent this from happening by keeping your facial skin clean and grease-free. Tea tree oil does not only serve as a moisturiser but also as a cleanser, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It can help de-grease your facial skin and get rid of pimple-causing bacteria at the same time.

Buy tea tree oil from N-Essentials

Don’t forget to always mix tea tree oil with a carrier oil to reduce its potency. Applying it in its pure form may irritate your skin.

Purchase your essential oils and carrier oils from N-Essentials and be assured of the quality. Not to mention, doing this will enable you to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. So explore the N-Essentials world to add something exciting to your skincare regime. You can also get information about the right essential oil for each specific application. Simply contact our team with your questions.

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