The benefits of Calendula Oil

The benefits of Calendula Oil

Published by N-essentials Team on 7th Jul 2023

Calendula oil comes from the calendula plant which is native to Southwestern Asia, Western Europe and the Mediterranean region. Calendula is an annual flower and is part of the marigold family. The oil extracted from Calendula has been used for centuries and is renowned for its versatile benefits. In fact, the skin enhancing properties of Calendula oil make it the perfect remedy to replenish and pamper your skin for a radiant glow.

Are you eager to know more about the skin nurturing properties of this natural oil? Read further to discover the wide range of benefits offered by Calendula oil.

Skin Moisturiser:

The hydrating properties of Calendula oil help to soothe and moisturise dry, chapped and cracked skin. Calendula oil has the ability to deeply nourish and condition the skin to impart a natural glow. With the help of Calendula oil, you can boost your skin’s appearance in a significant manner.

Prevent the signs of ageing:

Calendula oil possesses properties that help smooth out wrinkles and reduce the visible signs of ageing. The soothing properties help you to feel and look younger. With regular use of calendula oil, the appearance of the skin can be considerably enhanced to reveal a youthful glow.

Baby oil:

The gentle nature of calendula oil makes it an effective nappy oil. The moisturising properties of the oil act as a barrier and protect the delicate skin of babies.

Protective property:

Calendula oil makes the perfect addition to the daily skin care regimen with its amazing skin-perfecting properties. With regular use, the natural ingredients provide health and radiance to the skin. They help to protect the skin from environmental stressors for a polished and smooth feel.

Indeed, the myriad benefits offered by Calendula oil makes it the perfect natural remedy to experience a range of benefits. Nourishing the skin is of utmost importance and it is necessary to follow a healthy skin care routine. The use of natural products like Calendula oil can do wonders to the skin. It enables you to revitalise your skin with the goodness and purity of nature.

Are you eager to make Calendula oil a part of your skin regimen? You can buy Calendula oil online in Australia from N-essentials. We have two forms of calendula oil with one being extracted using glycerine and aqua and the other infused using a vegetable oil such as soybean oil. Calendula extract oil can help to restore dry skin by making it supple and imparting a youthful glow. Calendula Infused oil helps to soothe and moisturise dry cracked nipples, jock itch and much more.

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