17 Practical Uses For Lavender Oil Around The Home

17 Practical Uses For Lavender Oil Around The Home

Published by N-essentials Team on 11th Nov 2014

Lavender, or Lavandula angustifolia, is a flowering plant from the mint family which is so famous across the world, it has even coined its own colour. As well as conjuring up images of the French countryside, its soothing fragrance may bring back pleasant memories of your grandmother’s cupboards. And since lavender is like the swiss army knife of essential oils, with so many practical uses in the home, it seems your grandmother was onto something.

Here are 17 tips on how to use lavender oil in your home – some of which may surprise you.

  1. Lavender oil is a great sleep inducer. Put a few drops on your pillow at night and breathe it in.
  2. There’s a reason that lavender has traditionally been harvested for perfumes… it smells great! Use lavender oil in a homemade reed diffuser or an oil burner to make your living room smell pleasant for a dinner party.
  3. Ancient civilisations used essential oils for bathing and perfuming weeks before weddings and other special events. As well as smelling nice, lavender kills bacteria that can cause body odours, so you can use it as a natural body deodorant. Make your own with just the essential oil and baking soda.
  4. Recognise that floral scent during your well-earned massage? Lavender oil is great as a rub-on massage lotion.
  5. For those who don’t like to wash their hair every day, but struggle to keep it looking and smelling fresh in between, comb the oil through and it will leave your hair fresh and smelling like a flower bed.
  6. Or, use lavender oil in a homemade shampoo or conditioner for the same effect.
  7. While you’re in DIY mode, make some lavender body soap or a scrub, for an all over body perfume.
  8. Lavender is a great natural repellent for anything that threatens to ruin your outdoor barbeque. Mix it with a body cream to repel mosquitos, flies and even larger sandflies.
  9. Feel like pampering your sore feet the natural way? Add a few drops of lavender oil and white vinegar to warm water and soak away…
  10. Then once the foot soak has done its job, use the solution to mop your floors. This mixture is a great-smelling natural disinfectant.
  11. Ever wonder how your grandparents always has beautiful smelling laundry? Surprise, surprise – lavender oil. Add a few drops to a small face washer or even straight onto your undergarments and your washing will come out smelling fresher than ever.
  12. Chemical disinfectants are great for some things, but for a safer way to clean personal objects like mobile phones, handbags and anything else that may get germy is to use the oil as an antibacterial wipe.
  13. You can make an au naturale air freshener for your bathroom. Use a glass spray bottle with steam distilled water and add 5 drops of lavender for every 2 cups of water
  14. The moisturising agents in lavender can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  15. Take a nice hot bath with a 6-8 drops of lavender, or make your own lavender bath salts to give to friends as gifts. It’s super easy and can be done with just salts and lavender essential oil, or you can add more ingredients if you like.
  16. Placing a few drops of lavender in your water fountain can kill bacteria, keeping the water fresh and free of microorganisms.
  17. To freshen up your car interior, just put one drop of lavender essential oil in a glass spray bottle with 1 cup of steam distilled water and spray your cloth seats or carpet. And these are just a few benefits of keeping lavender oil on hand!

So next time you are browsing a natural marketplace and you forget which superpowers belong to what essential oil, just remember that lavender covers most bases and pop a high-grade, pure bottle of the oil in your shopping cart.

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