10 Steps for a Perfect Pedicure You Can Do Yourself

10 Steps for a Perfect Pedicure You Can Do Yourself

Published by N-essentials Team on 7th Aug 2015

What is it about going to the salon that makes us feel so good? Probably having time for yourself and feeling beautiful. Sadly, there is not always the time or the funds to get a professional pedicure. Not to worry though – we have put together a guide with all you need to know to give yourself the perfect pedicure from the comfort of your home, step by step. Happy pampering!

Step 1: Remove previous nail polish

Make sure no traces of previous nail polish remain on your nails using a non-acetone nail polish remover (acetone can be very damaging and strong). Then, using a buffing block, you can smooth the surface of your nails to make them look even, shiny and ready to get some new colour on them.

Step 2: Soak

Soaking is an important step because it will soften your feet, making it easier to effectively remove any dry skin or calluses. To do this, you can fill the tub with warm water and add our Himalayan Bath Salts. Make sure you enjoy your bath for no less than 10 minutes, so your feet are soaked enough to make the next step (exfoliating) easier. When your bath is done, rinse your feet and dry them carefully.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Next comes the time to exfoliate your feet. You can wear exfoliating gloves if you want to, while massaging your feet in a circular motion to eliminate dry and loose skin. You can use our Pumice Powder to achieve better results on this process.

Step 4: Moisturise

Once your feet are looking as good as new and free from all that unnecessary dry skin, it’s time to make them soft again by moisturising them. Try giving yourself a mini massage when applying the moisturiser, making sure it reaches in between your toes, ankles and up your leg a little bit.

Step 5: Clip

Now that your feet are smoother than ever, it’s time to start grooming your toenails. Make sure you never clip too close to the skin, leaving some room for you to file afterwards. Cut each nail evenly, making all of them the same length.

Step 6: File

After clipping, make sure that your toenails are extra dry before you start filing. Place the file directly under the nail and start filing very gently. You can give your nails a square shape or a soft shape (round), whichever suits you best. Just make sure that all of the toenails have a uniform appearance. To avoid ingrown nail issues, don’t round the nails excessively.

Step 7: Cuticles

Use a cuticle oil to soften your cuticles. Let it soak for a few minutes and then start pushing the cuticles back. You can use a nail stick to do this. Do it very gently and carefully so that you don’t damage them, pushing towards the nail base and holding the stick at a slight angle.

Try to always avoid cutting your cuticles, as they work as a protective barrier keeping fungus away from underneath your nails, especially your toenails.

Step 8: Colour preparation

For this step, there must be no traces of moisturiser on your nails. The key to a long-lasting pedicure is clean nails, so rub nail polish remover on your toenails with some cotton to ensure whatever colour you choose will adhere properly and lasts longer. Lastly, if you want you can apply a toe separator to make the painting process a little bit easier.

Step 9: Paint

Generally, the rule is 4 coats: base coat, two colour coats, and then the final top coat. Start applying the base coat first, smoothly and evenly. Try to make it as thin as possible and always apply nail polish like professionals: start in the middle, and then work your way to the sides

When the base coat is dry, you can apply two coats of the colour of your choice. The first colour coat doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it covers the whole area of your nail. For the second coat, however, aim to apply it thoroughly. You can choose whether you want to leave a small colourless space between the polish and the base of the nail, or if you want the polish to be as close as the base as possible.

For the final step, add the top coat, which will give your nails the shine and flawless finish they deserve.

Step 10: Maintenance

Now it’s all about trying to keep your toenails looking beautiful for the next couple of weeks. After the first week, apply a second coat of top coat polish. This will refresh the shine and make your pedicure last longer.

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