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Zeolite Clay Powder

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We now stock this as a white coloured clay powder.

Zeolite is an all-natural ingredient created from volcanic rock and sea salt. It’s a mineral that produces negatively charged ions, allowing a chemical reaction to take place that nullifies toxic materials. The ability of Zeolite to absorb, store and neutralise toxins makes it the ideal ingredient for a range of beauty and spa products. It is rich in minerals such as silicon, calcium, potassium and iron that help to restore lustre and reinvigorate your skin’s complexion.

The powder is suitable for normal to oily skin, and can be used on all skin types if combined with another type of clay. Zeolite works well in conjunction with other clays as it can enhance their beneficial properties and improve the overall texture and consistency of the clay blend.


  • Zeolite Clay powder can stain fabric.
  • The high concentration of minerals in the clay can cause skin irritation if applied to the skin more than once a week.
  • It is advised not to mix the clay with a metal spoon or store in a metal container. Always use a wooden, glass or ceramic spoon and container.

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