How To Use Activated Charcoal In Your Hair Care Routine

How To Use Activated Charcoal In Your Hair Care Routine

Published by N-essentials Team on 1st Jun 2022

If you want to add some extra benefit to your hair care routine, activated charcoal powder can be a great addition. This natural ingredient can help to remove impurities and toxins from the scalp and hair, as well as improve overall circulation. Activated charcoal can also help to absorb excess oil and sebum, which can leave your hair looking and feeling cleaner and more refreshed.

If you're looking for a way to detox your hair and scalp, activated charcoal may be the answer. Activated charcoal powder is known for its ability to absorb impurities and toxins, making it an ideal ingredient for a deep cleansing hair mask. Activated charcoal powder is a natural detoxifier and can help to remove impurities from the scalp and hair. It is also said to help with dandruff and other scalp conditions. You can find charcoal powder in some traditional homemade middle eastern 'shampoos'.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated Charcoal Powder is a natural product that has been used for centuries to cleanse and detoxify the skin - by absorbing oil and exfoliating the surface. It is made from charcoal that has been ground into a fine powder and then mixed with water to create a paste. The paste is applied to the skin and left on for 20 minutes, after which it is rinsed off with warm water.

It is a great product to use if you are looking to care for your hair. This powder can help to remove impurities and build-up from your scalp, leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed. Activated Charcoal powder can also help to absorb excess oil, which can help to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Besides hair, charcoal powder is known for its ability to absorb impurities and toxins from the skin, making it an ideal choice for those who want to detoxify their skin. Additionally, the activated charcoal powder can help to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and unclog pores. This makes it a great choice for those who are struggling with scalp acne or other scalp issues.

If you're looking for a natural way to add volume and thickness to your hair, an activated charcoal powder may be the answer. This unique ingredient is derived from coconut shells and is known for its absorbent properties. When used in a hair mask or shampoo, the charcoal powder can help remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp, leaving your locks looking and feeling healthier. Plus, the activated charcoal powder can also help promote hair growth!

Using activated charcoal in your haircare

To use activated charcoal in your hair care routine, simply mix a small amount of the powder with water to form a paste, this is basically a scalp mask. Apply the paste directly to your scalp and massage it into the scalp for a few minutes. Leave the charcoal on your scalp for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

This is excellent if you’ve been having issues with oily scalp or dandruff. Going the route of using activated charcoal on your scalp allows you to escape ultra synthetic hair care products that can create other irritations.

It can be used as a natural scalp exfoliant. No need to break the bank by buying synthetic scalp exfoliants, activated charcoal is hands down one of the most effective methods of scalp exfoliation.

What is the difference between activated and non-activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up its pores. This makes it more adsorbent, meaning that it can bind to more toxins and impurities. Activated charcoal is often used in water filters and purification systems. Non-activated charcoal is charcoal that has not been treated with oxygen. Its pores are not as open, so it is not as adsorbent as activated charcoal. Some call this product activated carbon, although it is popularly known as activated charcoal.

Besides its traditional uses, it can be used to remove impurities from the skin when used as a mask. Use it as a face mask to clear out toxins from your pores, or as an armpit mask to detox from the chemicals in your deodorant. This is because the oxidised carbon within activated charcoal functions like a sponge that soaks up oils and other impurities. Your skin or scalp will feel refreshed and nourished due to the mineral compounds in the charcoal.

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