Himalayan Salt - What can it be used for?

Himalayan Salt - What can it be used for?

Published by N-essentials Team on 8th May 2019

Himalayan salt has become a popular addition to bedside tables across Australia, but did you know the rock salt can be used for much more than lamps? In fact, the benefits of Himalayan salt go back hundreds of years and have only recently become popular in the western world. If you want to benefit from this wonderful product, the following are some more unusual uses:


Just like other coarse salts and sugars, Himalayan salt can make a great scrub. The salt offers additional benefits over other scrubs, such as restorative properties and helps in promoting healthy skin.

Soothing bath

The addition of Himalayan salt to your next bath can create a rejuvenating and relaxing at-home spa. The salt can help revitalise and cleanse the skin. Add a little for regular bath times or amp it up for a more intense brine bath.


Himalayan salt soap is a great soap alternative, offering a wide range of benefits. Used on a regular basis, this crystal soap can help in fostering healthy skin. It is also good for those who are sensitive to chemicals found in commercial soaps.

Other uses

Himalayan salts can also be used for salt lamps, bath bomb making and much more.

Himalayan salts are a great addition to your skincare regime. If you would like to buy Himalayan salt products, essential oils or other skincare products, you can find it online at N-essentials. With fine, course and mixed granules, as well as salt soap, there is something for everyone so take a look today!

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