Essential Oils That Have Amazing Cosmetic Benefits

Essential Oils That Have Amazing Cosmetic Benefits

Published by N-Essentials Team on 18th Jun 2020

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the purest compounds that can be extracted from plants. They are made up of a plant’s concentrated scent and flavour—or its “essence”—hence the name. Every plant species produces a unique set of aromatic compounds, which is why each type of essential oil possesses distinctive essence.

To extract  essential oils, plant parts are placed into a still and pressurised steam is forced through them until the pockets storing their essential oils open up. The essential oil-carrying steam passes through a cooling component where it condenses into a mixture of essential oils and water. Because essential oils are lighter than water, they float to the top, making them easy to collect.

Do essential oils work?

Most of us know essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. The truth is they have amazing cosmetic benefits as well. With their natural, potent qualities, essential oils make great ingredients for a wide range of beauty products. So, do essential oils work? Well, the answer ultimately depends on what you are using them for, but what’s certain is that when used for cosmetic purposes, essential oils do work.

When you try essential oils, remember that they’re highly concentrated compounds. If applied directly onto the skin in their purest form, they could actually do some harm to your skin. You can tone down their potency by diluting them in carrier oils or neutral creams.  Carrier oils help “carry” essential oils to the skin. Like essential oils, carrier oils are extracted from plants too, except their potency and fragrance are much lower and safer for skin application.

What essential oils are good for your skin?

Because literally all plant species can produce essential oils, there are so many products you can choose from in the N-Essentials store. Keep in mind though that each product comes with a unique aroma that offers an inimitable experience. Whether you are planning a trip to the spa or you are itching to make your own formulation, it’s important to pick the right essential oils for your goal.

Essential oils can be used perfectly to support treatments for aging and skin problems. Here are some of the common essential oils that have stunning cosmetic benefits.


Rosewood Essential Oil

If you’re new to the sublime world of essential oils, it’s okay to choose milder options, such as  rosewood essential oil, for starters. This essential oil is extremely gentle on skin, which makes it a great option for topical application. Rosewood essential oil, when used in a hand cream, can help slow down signs of ageing and tired-looking skin.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Want something stronger to deal with glaring skin blemishes, such as furuncles and acne? Try the  sweet orange essential oil. A few drops mixed in cream or vegetable oil produces a fragrant ointment that also works on oily, tired, and damaged skin.


Lavender Essential Oil

If you want to go for a more popular type, try  lavender essential oil. Although it’s well-known for its relaxing properties, it’s actually good for the skin, too. Lavender essential oil has an anti-inflammatory property, which can help reduce redness of the skin. It’s also a natural hydrator, helping to balance the moisture levels in your skin and prevent dryness.


Lemon Essential Oil

Even as a fruit, lemon offers an array of benefits starting with promoting hydration. As an oil,  lemon essential oil can do so much more, especially when it comes to skin care. Its main components have been shown to help reduce free radicals from the skin, which contribute to acne formation and photo-aging.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Most essential oils have antiseptic effect and  tea tree essential oil is no exception. This means it can help fight bacteria and inflammation. When added to a cream or applied on a face mask, tea tree essential oil can help prevent pimple and acne breakout. 

These are just five from a selection of essential oils that you can find in N-Essentials online natural cosmetic store. You can always consult with the experts to make an educated decision when it comes to essential oils and other skin care products.

How Long Do Essential Oils Last

Essential oils are natural products—no preservatives added—so it begs the question how long do they last? Like any other product, essential oils gradually lose their effectivity as they age, or worse they can have an opposite effect on skin when used beyond their shelf life. Most essential oils last around two years, give or take. With proper care, however, you can prolong their lifespan.

N-Essentials advise storing essential oils in a cool, dark place at all times, away from sunlight or any heat source. It will also help to keep their caps tightly closed to prevent airborne particulates from contaminating the oils. If you are an essential oil buff, it will not take long for you to empty a bottle, so this shouldn’t be a major concern. Always remember, however, to purchase your essential oils from a trusted supplier to ensure that they are always fresh and the most purest form.

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