Aromatherapy: First Aid Kit

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You'll discover exactly how to get your body back into balance naturally with aromatherapy remedies you can make from your own kitchen sink, no first aid kit should be without this information.

We know how damaging the toxic chemicals are that we find in everyday household cleaners and products. With this eBook, you'll learn how to create your own natural alternatives to household detergents, hair treatments, cosmetics and fragrances so you can create a healthier, safer environment for both you and your family.

Contents of this eBook:

1. Aromatherapy First Aid Kit – Healing With Nature’s Help
2. Aromatherapy For Natural Beauty And Great Looking Skin
3. How To Make Your Own Sumptuous, Natural Perfumes
4. Natural Hair Care Treatments
5. Natural Cosmetics
6. Natural Household Cleaners
7. Aromatherapy Remedies For Health And Wellbeing
8. Muscular Pain
9. Psychological

67 pages

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