Best Skincare Routine: Daily Face Wash

Best Skincare Routine: Daily Face Wash

Published by N-Essentials Team on 18th Jan 2024

Does the thought of washing your face after a long day at work make you lazy? Perhaps, you just want to skip that part and hop in the bed instead?

We’ve all experienced that and it’s not that bad. However, not washing your face on a regular basis can be absolutely detrimental to your skin. This is because your skin is exposed to various factors such as chemicals, UV exposure, and other pollutants that potentially damage it. Although our skin naturally creates a moisture barrier called sebum that helps protect the skin, yet it may cause skin impurities when combined with synthetic materials like the chemicals found in makeup.

There are lots of ways on how to care for our skin, however, we believe that regularly washing your face with skin-friendly ingredients is still best practice in maintaining a youthful glow.

What are the benefits of washing your face?

  • Washes the impurities. Regular face washing helps diminish dirt and oil making it free from skin impurities such as acne, pimples, dark spots, and blemishes. It also reduces the chances of having skin discolouration and facial redness.
  • Softens the skin. Washing your face daily helps to reduce the visibility of dull and uneven skin as it softens and removes the top layer of dead skin.
  • Moisturises and beautifies the skin. Washing your face is tantamount to providing moisture and preventing it from drying. Moisturised skin helps to achieve glowing skin and with that being said, regular face washing can help you look 10x younger for it slows down the aging process.

How to wash your face properly?

First of all, select a face wash that is based on your skin type. This is important in avoiding skin complications.

  • Begin by washing your hands to decrease the chance of transferring the dirt to your face.
  • Always wash your face before going out for the day and before bedtime. As mentioned, failure to wash your face regularly might cause skin impurities.
  • Use warm water to lather up your face for 45 – 60 seconds. Then, use cold water to wash out the foam. Pat your face with a clean, soft towel and avoid rubbing as it might irritate the skin.

Check out this DIY Mild Face Wash!



  • Mix the essential oils, natural castile liquid soap, and sweet almond oil in the foaming pump buttle until they are well combined. Pour in the cucumber water and make sure to leave a space for the pump. Then, shake the mixture carefully.

Blemishes, acne, and many others can be avoided with proper face washing. No matter how tired you are from work or no matter how late it is, always choose to remove skin impurities by rinsing them away properly using the right skincare product.

You deserve to look awesome. Share this with your friends and without a doubt, they will thank you for that.

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