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N-Essentials takes pride in supplying wholesale skincare, aromatherapy, haircare and eco-household raw materials that are suited to sustain your daily beauty needs.

Our raw skincare materials are sourced from all over the world in bulk for cost-savings and down-packed for our customers. These include wholesale oils,  fragrance oils, plant oils, cosmetic powders, and cosmetic butters that can either be used as is or combined with other ingredients to produce and manufacture an end-use product.  

N-Essentials as a wholesale supplier, cares for you and your cosmetic needs. We want to make sure you get nothing but the best skincare oils that are readily-available to be shipped in bulk packs as well as smaller packs. Our online store has a wide range of DIY recipes tailored to our products that are present in many blog articles. Our customers have the liberty to scan and read through our enlightening blog articles to gain more knowledge on what skincare products should be used for certain applications, how a particular product should be used and/or applied, and how often should you be using it.

Your creativity and passion are what is needed to produce your own skincare, aromatherapy, and household products. N-Essentials makes this possible by providing you with natural raw ingredients wholesale that will surely make a difference to your needs in skincare, aromatherapy, and eco-household applications.

Our natural or pure essential oil supplies are ready to be distributed across Australia and around the world. We make your online shopping a hassle-free and convenient experience as you can easily hover through our list of natural ingredients, read its description for more information about their beautifying properties, and check what pricing and packing options are available.

N-Essentials, as a wholesale distributor, is your one-stop online shop that caters to all your skin and bodycare, aromatherapy, and eco-household needs. Buy pure essential oils wholesale, bulk aromatherapy oils, cosmetic powders, and cosmetic butters wholesale at N-Essentials and discover the secrets to maintaining ageless-looking skin.
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