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Reward yourself with a warm bubble bath that exudes pleasing scents as soothing as going to a day spa. The best part is that you can create your personalised scented soaps at home! With soap fragrance oils, you can experience a tranquil effervescent bath session that you have never experienced before. In this article, we will guide you on how to turn your bath time more relaxing. Let us start with knowing more about soap fragrance oils.


Fragrance oils imitate many scents, ranging from luscious fruits to your favourite alcoholic beverage. The sky is the limit when it comes to different types of fragrances! Natural and synthetic fragrance oils are the two sorts.

Natural soap fragrance oils contain natural aromatic components commonly present in plants and animals. They are then separated to generate a specific scent. Synthetic aromatic oils, on the other hand, are created in labs. To avoid badly damaging the environment, producers replicate natural aromas rather than collecting them from nature. Artificially made scents promote forest regeneration and the protection of animals.

Soap fragrance oils are less expensive than essential oils, and they last for several years due to their fixative ingredients. Aside from soaps, fragrance oils provide pleasing aromas for air fresheners, scented candles, room sprays, cosmetics, perfumes, shampoos, and other products.


A warm bath is a soothing method to relax, unwind, and disconnect from the outside world. However, commercial aromatic soaps frequently contain harsh chemicals and additives that are not suitable for sensitive skin. Luckily, we are now one step away from making our natural scented soaps. If you want a fragrant cleansing product with many features, you can blend soap fragrance oils with other beneficial ingredients, provided that you did the proper procedure. Once you have crafted your DIY scented soap, you can now improve your bubble bath in different ways.


Taking a warm bath is one of the several relaxing approaches that you can do easily at home, and with a touch of soap fragrance oils, you can have the ultimate bath time that you deserve! It is essential to de-stress yourself from the long, hectic day and indulge in a relaxing and aromatic treat. Thus, here are ways to enhance your bathing experience:

  • Set up your space and prepare the essentials: To experience the perfect bath time, keep your bathroom nice and tidy. You can also design your space with plants and flower petals, then add some music. Ensure that your tub is clean and gather all essentials such as your homemade scented soap, bath bombs, towels, bath salts, or whatever you may want to add.
  • Adjust the temperature: Set the water at a temperature to your liking. It is best when it is warm, but make sure it is not too hot for discomfort to arise. Next, add the essentials. Do not forget about your scented soap!Snack as you lay back: The best way to complete your relaxation session is to indulge in a yummy and healthy snack. Grab some grapes and a glass of wine, or anything you prefer.


When bombarded with multiple soap fragrance oils, there is no denying that it is tricky to pick out the best scent. However, it would greatly depend on your preference and the outcome you want to accomplish. Start with identifying the type of scents that you like. Perhaps you fancy sweet-smelling things? Or would you go for a tropical scent? Choose an aroma that resonates well with you. Let us help you further with this list of delightful soap fragrance oils that you may want to select.


Floral soap fragrance oils are the go-to scents if you desire a soap that has a lovely flowery aroma! These amazing aromatic oils linger in soaps for a long time and are fabulous for soap makers who want to try out simple flower-like scents. You can now enjoy bath time, like bathing in the middle of a flower field with these soap fragrance oils.


Fruity soap fragrance oils are also fantastic scents to add to your soap! This list of luscious nutritious-like scents includes peach, passionfruit, watermelon, and strawberry. These exquisite aromas bring out the vibrant side of your soap. You should try these soap fragrance oils out if you are the type who loves fruity scents.


Take delight in this list of sweet soap fragrance oils, which consists of almond milk, coconut, mango, cocoa, vanilla, caramel and honey. These scents are ideal for achieving dulcet soaps, making your bath time lovely and relaxing.


These tropical soap fragrance oils are delectable summer scents, ideal for adding aroma to your soaps whenever you want to reminisce your time at the beach. Soap makers who use these aromas in their soap will have a fun time! Furthermore, these lovely soap fragrance oils have pleasant scents that linger in your final product and give your soap a perky personality! Overall, these are aromas that are worth trying.


Pick out a unique scent for an extraordinary you, and what better way to do that is to use these one-of-a-kind soap fragrance oils. Spice up your bath time with these scents, and you will never want to go back to your regular-smelling soaps.


Plan out the functions: Plan and decide the purpose of your homemade soap, whether you want it to have moisturising or detoxifying properties. Thus, it will help you identify the suitable amount of ingredients to add, such as determining the percentage of natural oils. Also, soap fragrance oils contribute to the overall impact and personality of the product.

Select suitable ingredients: Once you have decided on the functions of your soap, you will now choose the ingredients and know their proper amounts. It is essential to do so because every oil serves different benefits, and soap fragrance oils have an array of scents, which all provide unique experiences.

Prepare everything: It is essential to prepare your ingredients, supplies, tools, and safety goggles before making homemade soap. First, gather all soap ingredients such as carrier oils, distilled water, 100% pure lye, desired soap fragrance oils, optional colourants, dried herbs, and flowers. Next, ensure that your supplies and tools are complete. These include a slow cooker, silicone spatulas, container for measuring lye, immersion blender with stainless steel shaft, a heavy-duty container for mixing lye and water, candy thermometer, digital kitchen scale, silicone loaf or individual moulds, and soap cutter. Lastly, prepare your safety equipment such as rubber or latex gloves, apron, safety goggles, a long-sleeved shirt, and a well-ventilated working area. These are crucial to have a safe and sufficient soap-making experience.

Follow steps properly: Execute homemade soap procedures correctly and safely so that you can turn your envisioned soap into reality. It is paramount to follow the steps accordingly and add the proper amount of each ingredient, such as soap fragrance oils. Such actions can avoid mistakes and dangerous encounters. With that said, make sure to conduct prior research on soap making procedures based on your preferences.

Take note of safety measures: Soap-making may sound easy, but there are safety precautions that you must take to heart before crafting your homemade soap. Do not use aluminium or tin containers in handling lye because it is unsafe, and always calculate a safe amount of lye using a lye calculator online. The safe amount of lye would depend on the amount and type of oil you use. Do not breathe in lye fumes and touch the container with your bare hands under any circumstance. Moreover, it is unsafe to mix lye with water because it can have hazardous chemical reactions and avoid adding lye solution when base oils are above 180°F (82°C). Do not apply undiluted soap fragrance oils directly on the skin.


In making your homemade scented soap, you need to include other ingredients into the list, such as oil and butter, depending on the type and properties of the soap you want to create. There are plenty of oils that you can use alongside soap fragrance oils. The following are some of the natural oils and butter that soap makers love to use:

1.  Coconut oil: You have probably heard of coconut oil because it is a popular natural ingredient used in soap-making. It helps produce stable bubbles, hardens the soap, and contains cleansing qualities. Plus, it consists of fatty acids such as lauric acid and myristic acid. It is spectacular when combined with soap fragrance oils.

2.  Argan oil: Without a doubt, you will be mesmerised by how fantastic argan oil is for your DIY soap! It has a smooth, moisturising texture and is high in antioxidants and vitamins A and E. Plus, it gives a rich, stable lather to the soap.

3.  Jojoba oil: Soap makers include jojoba oil in their ingredients because it leaves the skin looking nourished without greasiness. It has a long shelf life, resistant to rancidity, and prolongs bubbles. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with soap fragrance oils due to its odourless nature.

4.  Castor oil: Traditionally, castor oil helps treat skin conditions because of its ricinoleic acid. When infused in soap, it gives out a creamy lather with stable bubbles and moisturising properties. Soap makers include castor oil to maintain or keep a low, dense, and creamy lather in their handmade soap.

5.  Avocado oil: This valued base oil has outstanding regenerative and moisturising capabilities, and as a result, it transforms a mundane soap recipe into something extraordinary. Avocado oil produces a soft bar of soap, and it contains vitamins A, B, D, and E. It is also ideal for lotions, body butter, and conditioners because of its high fatty acid content.

6 Sweet almond oil: You might want to include sweet almond oil in your ingredients. It is high in fatty acids and has a lightweight, hydrating texture. You will adore how it feels in your homemade soap. It is also suitable with soap fragrance oils due to its subtle smell that will not overwhelm the overall scent.

7.  Mango butter: This butter is an effective and splendid soap ingredient. Even the name of this butter sounds so delightful! Mango butter is solid at room temperature but melts when applied to the skin. It is highly moisturising, and it hardens the soap .

Precaution: Be careful in using carrier oils derived from nuts if you are allergic to them and consult a medical doctor first to avoid any skin reactions. Moreover, make sure to research the exact amount of each ingredient before you start making your soap.


Pull away from all the chemical-derived products and start making your own. You will get the hang of it if you constantly practice making homemade soaps with the right ingredients and tools. Moreover, remember to spare some time for your relaxing bathing session and enjoy the moment with yourself because you deserve it.


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