5 Homemade Skincare Recipes To Try at Home

5 Homemade Skincare Recipes To Try at Home

Published by N-Essentials Team on 31st Jul 2023

Updated: 31st July 2023 

From body butter and shaving creams to diffuser blends, the raw ingredients at N-Essentials make a great addition to any homemade essential oil recipe. By making your own body scrubs and creams with essential oils, you're investing in quality ingredients upfront. This way you avoid the ongoing cost of repeatedly buying over-the-counter products.

You're also getting the added benefit of knowing exactly what's in your skincare products and being able to customise them to your specific needs.

We hope you enjoyed our last edition of homemade recipes using essential oils! Here are a few more of our top recipes where essential oils shine! With N-Essentials, you can create a variety of products with just a handful of our natural ingredients.

What Are the Benefits of Creating Your Own Skincare Products at Home?

Incorporating essential oils into your homemade skincare products gives you control over what ingredients go into your skincare regimen and can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term. Here's how:


Essential oils are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. This means that even though a bottle might seem small, it can last for a long time because you typically only need a few drops per use.

Bulk Purchasing

When making your own skincare products, you often buy ingredients like coconut oil, and essential oils in bulk, which can be much more cost-effective compared to buying small quantities.

Control Over Ingredients

Making your own products allows you to customise the ingredients. This means you can avoid any allergens, irritants, or simply ingredients you don't like. This can also save you money because you're not wasting it on products that don't work for your skin.

Reduce Waste

When you make your own products, you can store them in recycled containers, reducing the amount of packaging waste associated with commercial products. In the long run, this eco-friendly approach can also save you money.


Instead of buying different products for different uses, you can create multipurpose products at home with essential oils. For example, homemade body butter with lavender essential oil can work as a moisturiser or a fragrant massage cream.

Here are some of our other favourite recipes using essential oils:

Sugar Scrub

Sugar can be fantastic for your skin, and even better, sugar scrubs are inexpensive when made at home. This homemade scrub is specially crafted using all-natural ingredients, designed to buff away dead skin cells. There are countless variations for moisturising and exfoliating, but a favourite includes using lavender and vanilla. Simply mix the following ingredients together and enjoy your scrub.


Peppermint Toner

This homemade skincare marvel is carefully formulated using natural ingredients known for its fragrant cooling properties. To make this toner even more special, we've enriched it with pure peppermint essential oil. With its 30 drops perfectly blended into the mixture, it leaves behind a clean, refreshing scent. Use immediately and discard unused portions.


Brush-on Cuticle Oil

This all-natural cuticle oil is a perfect item to scrub on after a wash. In addition to leaving behind a lovely fragrance, this oil offers you a simple way to pamper your nails. Blend these two essential oils together and see how it works for you.


Insect Repellent Oil

Instead of spritzing your skin and clothes, try creating an essential oil blend for the diffuser. This insect-repelling blend will not only keep the creepy crawlies away, but it will also help have a nice fragrance in the room on a balmy summer evening. To keep those bites at bay, mix up these ingredients and enjoy your evening.


Mood Setter Oil

If you’ve planned a romantic dinner at home, one way to level up your game is to create your own diffuser blend. Simply follow this simple recipe and impress your partner instantly!


Why Shop With N-Essentials?

As we've explored, natural ingredients offer a versatile and natural way to enhance your skincare and wellness routine. But the journey doesn't stop here. There's a whole world of potential awaiting in these small yet powerful bottles.

At N-Essentials, we offer a variety of other carrier oils, dried botanicals and other raw ingredients that are chemical-free. Explore the collections today to find the materials you need for your next recipe.

Stay tuned for more DIY skincare recipes that harness the power of essential oils. From hair care concoctions to healing balms and beyond, there's no limit to the innovative ways these plant-based powerhouses can improve your everyday life.

For more recipes, explore the N-Essentials blog page today. Get in touch with our team to learn more. 

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