How to Make Lavender Oil

How to Make Lavender Oil

Published by N-Essentials Team on 23rd Jan 2023

Few scents are quite as recognisable as lavender. With its delicate, sweet scent, it makes a natural addition to all types of beauty, well-being, and homeware products.

Depending on your skills, interests, and the intended use of lavender oil, you might be interested in making a batch yourself. Alternatively, N-Essentials stocks high-quality, natural lavender oil in a range of sizes to suit the needs of all our customers.

Read on to learn more about lavender oil, the process of making a homemade lavender oil blend, and the benefits of including it in your homemade products.

What is Lavender Oil?

N-essentials carries two different grades of lavender oil. The premium grade is a 100% pure essential oil that has been extracted from the lavender plant via the steam distillation extraction method and adheres to essential oil Standards such as the British Pharmaecopia Standards or US Pharmaecopia Standards. The other grade is a natural grade that is derived using a manufacturer’s blend of natural constituents that come from the lavender plant. The blend may not necessarily adhere to any essential oil Standards.

Pure essential oils are derived from the seeds, stalks, and flowers of a plant. Essential oils tend to be very potent and need to be combined with other ingredients, particularly carrier oils, before they can be safely topically applied. Essential oils are often added to homemade skincare and haircare products, in addition to household cleaners and for diffusion.

Lavender oil, as available at N-Essentials, is a multi-purpose oil that is typically added to perfume and diffuser products. With a clear, yellow-greenish tinge and sweet, floral aroma, lavender oil makes an excellent middle note and is typically combined with vanilla oil or a citrus-based product for a simple, satisfying scent.

As is the case with all oils, lavender oil should only be used topically. It is not recommended to use lavender oil during pregnancy, and the product should always be diluted before application.

Always spot test an oil before using it topically, and if irritation occurs, contact your doctor immediately.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Wondering why you should add lavender oil to your products? Here are some of the ingredient’s top benefits across skincare, haircare and household products.


Lavender oil is one of many natural products that can be combined to help improve the skin’s appearance. A few drops can also elevate the scent of your homemade skincare, giving moisturisers and lotions a professional finish.


If you’re looking for a new ingredient to add to your haircare regime, lavender oil could be the perfect solution. In addition to its light, nostalgic fragrance, lavender oil can help support the improved appearance of hair, helping you to achieve luscious locks.

Insect repellent

Nothing ruins a summer evening spent outdoors quite like insect bites. Repelling insects can be a challenge, particularly if you want to stay away from store-bought products.

Simply add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle containing water, and you’ve got a natural solution to scare the creepy crawlies away.

Lavender Oil Scent Combinations

Whether you’re planning to craft homemade perfume or are looking to add a soft scent to your household cleaning products, lavender oil can be combined with a wide array of flavours to create tailored scents.

Given the classic, perennial nature of lavender, including it as an ingredient will always add a dash of nostalgia to your homemade products.

Popular lavender oil scent combinations include:

How Do You Make A Homemade Lavender Oil Blend at Home?

Making your own lavender oil at home is a great way to ensure you are using high-quality ingredients and allows you to easily customise the strength of your product and the scent by adjusting its ratio of ingredients.



  1. The first step is to prepare the lavender flowers by washing them and allowing them additional time to dry.
  2. Once dried, these can be placed in a jar full of carrier oil.
  3. Store this mixture for about two weeks in a cool, dark area like a pantry or cupboard, shaking daily.
  4. When the time is up, strain the oil for use in massage oils and diffusers or combine it with other ingredients for skincare products.

With just a few simple steps and common ingredients, you can have a homemade lavender oil blend that is sure to have benefits for both your body and mind.

Of course, if you don’t want to make your own lavender oil blend, N-Essentials stocks a variety of sizes of natural lavender oil for you to choose from, alongside countless other raw ingredients for individual and wholesale use.

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