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For Brisbane residents searching for essential oils, N-Essential’s online store has one of the largest ranges available in Australia.

From boosting the appearance of skin to household cleaning, the right essential oil can make a world of difference. Get shopping today and have your collection of essential oils delivered to your Brisbane home before you know it.

What Can I Use My Essential Oils for?

Essential oils are incredibly versatile and can be harnessed in a variety of ways. Let’s cover a few of the most popular:

Homemade moisturiser

Store-bought moisturiser is typically filled with countless ingredients you have never heard of — who knows what these products are doing to your skin?

The advantages of a homemade moisturiser are countless, not least the fact that you can control exactly what raw ingredients and essential oils are added to your mix.

Keep in mind that essential oils are incredibly potent and should not be applied to the skin directly without first being combined with at least a carrier oil. For inspiration on what homemade moisturiser products you can make, check out our blog, which is filled with numerous recipes for you to try out.

Homemade hair care products

Moisturiser isn’t the only product you can make at home. Shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks can all be created using a mix of essential oils and other raw ingredients.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your hair, using homemade hair care products that contain essential oils is a great strategy. Similarly to skincare products, essential oils should only be applied to your hair once they’re combined with a carrier oil. 

Have fun experimenting with essential oils and raw ingredients to find the perfect combinations.

Cleaning products

Household cleaning products can also benefit from the addition of a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  

Essential oils have incredibly strong flavour profiles, meaning it only takes a small amount to refresh the scent of your home. Floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and toilet cleaner products can all benefit from a dash of lemon, peppermint, tea tree, or lavender essential oils. 


Finally, one of the most popular uses of essential oils is diffusion. Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to a diffuser is a fantastic way to freshen up your home or office environment. 

You can even time your choice of diffusion oils to the season, with certain scents better suited to certain weather conditions.

Do You Sell Wholesale to Businesses in Brisbane?

We certainly do! N-Essentials sells to both individual and wholesale customers. Our essential oils are available in a range of sizes, from 30mL to larger bulk sizes, meaning you’re sure to find a product suitable for your needs.

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If you’re looking to purchase essential oils in Brisbane, check out the range available at N-Essentials today. In addition to our comprehensive collection of essential oils, our product range also includes carrier oils, absolute oils, fragrance oils, raw ingredients and more, all of which can be used to create your very own products.

Not only is N-Essentials your ultimate destination for essential oils in Brisbane, but our website is also a hub for recipes and articles about how to incorporate essential oils into your life. We’re always happy to help customers by answering questions and offering tips and tricks for using our ingredients. Contact our team today if you require any assistance choosing products or placing an order.