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In our fast-paced world that mostly revolves around traffic, work, bills, and responsibilities, spending a day at the spa or a massage centre is divine. This adept, bewitching, calculated, nutrient-rich experience is something every adult long for after a week's grind.

But does a good massage do all the trick? Definitely not, aside from the technique and science behind massage therapy, the oils used are also an important key factor to a mineral-rich soothing, and rejuvenating massage therapy treatment. Choosing the right carrier oil is vital in maximising the benefits of getting a massage. In today's blog, we will set our eyes on the widely known and incredibly nourishing Macadamia oil. Let us find out more.


Before we discuss the exceptional profile of Macadamia oil let us give you an insight into what carrier oils are. Carrier oils or what others call base oils can be used to mix with essential oils and other absolute oils before application such as massage or aromatherapy. They are named as such because they carry the essential oil onto the skin.


Extracted via cold process, the Macadamia nut turns into a rich, golden, sweet, buttery oil with a mild nutty flavour. It has a high concentration of Palmitoleic acid and is rich in Omega 7. Because of its natural components, the Australian Macadamia oil is believed to help skin retain its suppleness, and it also contains vitamin E, and squalene; nutrients that may help reduce skin irritation and oxidative stress on the skin.

With macadamia oil's high Palmitoleic acid, it boasts its anti-aging capabilities superior among other natural oils. Retaining smoothness and elasticity, accounted to produce oil naturally found on human skin, can prevent age spots and slow the aging process exuding a youthful-looking skin.


Originally known as a superfood and used for culinary purposes in Australia, the macadamia oil has slowly transitioned to become a beauty-oil contender that appeals to spa owners and spa-goers, alike. Having a rich and lightweight texture, it has become the prospected and sourced out oil by local massage therapists.


Although it is true that no two oils are equal, as they come from different sources and have different formulations, substances, and content. Their different benefits are equally valuable to their users. Now, let us talk about how Macadamia oil is effective on your skin.

Profiled as light, non-greasy, and moisturising, Macadamia oil is your go-to when rejuvenating your skin. It is rich in omega-9 oleic, omega-7 palmitoleic, and saturated palmitic.Macadamia oil resembles the oil that skin naturally produces. This well-known oil can be dubbed to be an A-lister carrier oil that is great for massage treatments.


Locks in moisture and helps skin barrier function: Frequent application of Macadamia oil gives your skin the amount of moisture it regularly needs. Containing squalene, oleic acid and vitamin E it is useful for dry chapped skin as squalene and oleic acid foster repair locking in moisture in the skin. On the other hand, it contains omega 6 linoleic acid — a substance that is responsible for equalising oil production in oily skin thus creating a natural protective barrier.

Refreshes skin: After a long day, our skin’s natural moisture tends to decrease and cause our appearance to turn dull. The use of Macadamia oil helps make your face look plumper and fresher. We can attribute it to the linoleic acid present in this carrier oil.

Anti-ageing properties : Rich in palmitoleic fatty acids that help prevent the signs of skin maturity, it is a natural way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, Macadamia oil also contains substantial amounts of manganese, which is an antioxidant and is an important mineral required for collagen production in the skin.

Prevents oxidative stress : Studies have shown that Macadamia oil possesses great potential in skin nourishment and can be considered nature’s most powerful skincare treasures. Squalene content in Macadamia oil reduces oxidative stress, preventing wrinkles and protecting users from environmental toxins and UV damage.

Exfoliates and balances an oily skin : Macadamia oil contains natural exfoliators such as linoleic Acid, sometimes referred to as Vitamin F. The linoleic acid in Macadamia oil, as aforementioned, balances the natural oil produced in our body which is great for people with oily skin. It provides balance and beneficial effects without weighing the skin down. In addition, it also lightens sun-induced hyperpigmentation.


Hand treatment — Cold weather and harsh chemicals can give us dry and flaky hands. Since Macadamia oil resembles the natural oil produced by our body, an application of Macadamia oil on our hands can give us a smooth and moisturised feel.

Body and face moisturiser — Macadamia oil is light-weight and non-greasy which is best as a body and face moisturiser. It absorbs easily so you are not left with that hot and sticky feeling. Dab an ample amount on your skin and gently massage it to attain the best results.

Sun protection — Packed with skin enriching minerals, Macadamia oil can smooth out and assuage sunburnt skin. The phytosterols can help ease skin irritation and redness.

Facial cleanser and scrub — Macadamia oil can revitalise and make your skin look lively. Mixing the Macadamia oil with a homemade scrub that includes grape juice and sea salt does the thing. Just make sure that you thoroughly remove all the residue after cleansing to prevent clogged pores and break-outs.

Makeup remover — Macadamia oil is not only great as a facial cleanser, but it does wonders as a make-up remover as well. Stubborn mascara, pigmented lipsticks, cheek and eye cosmetics can be done away – apply an ample amount or as needed on your face and massage it gently, then wipe and remove make-up using a warm washcloth. Macadamia oil can be as effective as conventional make- up removers, but without the dyes, harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Massage oil — As mentioned a while ago, massage professionals have been using Macadamia oil in massage sessions as it is very absorbent and it can be easily mixed with other essential oils.


Here at N-essentials, we strive to give our readers the maximal benefits of our products. Thus, we wanted to share with you some useful tips on how to use Macadamia carrier oil to your advantage.

As some essential oils are too strong to be directly applied to your skin, a mixture of essential oil and Macadamia carrier oil to a ratio suitable for your skin is best preferred. It is recommended to perform a patch testing procedure upon prior use to ensure safety and to avoid harsh skin irritation as some essential oils are considered as “hot oils”.


Pick a patch of skin: Pick a clear patch of skin that is accessible and you are comfortable for the patch testing. The skin near your elbow is a good example.

Cleansing: Wash, cleanse and dry the area before applying the oil. When patch testing, we need to be sure that the cause of the reaction is from the essential oil applied, and not from any chemical or substance.

Application: Apply few drops of essential oil to the patch of skin. Observe for 24 hours for any reaction.

What to look for: If you are allergic to the essential oil, the signs are pretty visible redness, rashes, and a burning sensation may occur. Thus, it is best to dilute your essential oils with Macadamia carrier oil.


We can safely say that Macadamia oil is the holy grail among the sea of oils in the market, as it does not discriminate. It caters to various kinds of skin.

  • Dry skin: Tired of your dry chapped skin? Well, Macadamia oil is a real skin superhero for you. As it can smoothen, moisturise and replenish your skin, locking in moisture.
  • Oily skin: Charged withomega 6 linoleic acid, Macadamia oil equalises the sebum production of your skin creating a natural protective barrier.
  • Mature skin: Macadamia oil assists in stopping skin ageing. It can lessen fine lines, minimise wrinkles and curtail age spots.
  • Skin with breakouts: Extracts produced from macadamia oil is similar to our skin — it is absorbent and non-comedogenic. It is also suitable for breakouts and acne-prone skin.


  • Olive Oil: Both oils are used for consumption and for topical application but in comparison, Macadamia oil is 40 times more potent and healthier than olive oil when it comes to benefits internally and externally.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Macadamia oil has 75.77 times more lipids in every 100g. Lipids are the skin’s natural fats and maintain the strength of skin barriers. In addition, Macadamia oil also has more water thus giving more hydration to the skin.
  • Avocado Oil: Having similar components, the two oils are at par with each other in terms of skin, hair, and nails benefits.
  • Jojoba Oil: Both having omega 9, which resembles human sebum that easily absorbs into the skin the two also have distinct characteristics when used on the hair and scalp. Jojoba oil is considered to be a restorative oil while Macadamia oil is great at nourishing, shielding the hair from chemicals, heat and damage through natural UV protection.
  • Grapeseed Oil: Both are good carrier oils for acne-prone skin or oily skin. They are also loaded with antioxidants and nutrients high in proteins, minerals, vitamin E and linoleic acid.

But wait! Macadamia oil’s goodness doesn’t stop there. It does wonders for your hair too!


Macadamia oil is also a good partner for hair care. Here are the following ways you can use Macadamia carrier oil for your different hair types.

  • For coloured hair: Macadamia oil is best for coloured hair. It allows you to maintain your hair colour for a long time since it helps protect your hair from harmful UV rays
  • For brittle hair: Macadamia oil is rich in nutrients and minerals that prevent the loss of moisture in your scalp. The fatty acids present in Macadamia oil rejuvenate and nourish hair follicles that combat brittle strands and hair loss.
  • For dry hair: Just like its function for brittle hair, Macadamia oil can boost the life of your dry hair.
  • For curly hair: Because of its texture and volume curly hair, if not properly treated, is prone to damage, breakage and dryness. Macadamia oil is also a good ally to lock in moisture and natural protein for curly hair.


In a nutshell, Macadamia carrier oil is quite multifaceted in terms of its purpose and application as it can cater to different kinds of needs and skin and hair requirements. Spas all over the world have been infiltrated by Macadamia oil fever. Spa Centres in Australia, are already incorporating their spa services with Macadamia carrier oil, ranging from services like body scrubs, tropical massages, and soon facial services. Macadamia oil can play along very well with other essential oil extracts but it can also excel on its own. Just pick the right essential oil to partner with your Macadamia carrier oil and the benefits are endless. Be creative. Personalise your mixes that match your skin type needs. Have fun!

Macadamia Carrier Oil is organic, light-weight, versatile and exceptional. What are you waiting for? Try the wonders Macadamia carrier oil has in store for you.


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