Spearmint Oil - Benefits and Uses

Spearmint Oil - Benefits and Uses

Published by N-Essentials Team on 27th Nov 2021

The use of mint has become prevalent to most people over the years. It is a vast, plant family which consists of spearmint, peppermint, etc. Mints provide an extremely aromatic fragrance that is relatively good for the senses. They grow dynamically especially in places where there is enough hydration such as lakes and rivers. They also propagate in sunny areas but the plant itself prefers to have some shade in order to fully grow and produce large amounts of oil.

There are classifications of several types of mints with respect to the benefits they provide. However, amongst all types, Spearmint has proven to be greatly beneficial and versatile.

The ever famous Spearmint or Mentha spicata is a herbaceous perennial that flourishes in rich, moist soil. Spearmint leaves are dark green in colour, lance-shaped, and can grow up to 5 cm tall. Additionally, the essential oil is extracted by steam distillation through its leaves. The Spearmint Essential Oil has a fresh, minty and subdued scent. It is mainly extracted for its menthol that gives cooling and revitalising effect when used in Aromatherapy and Cosmetics.

Spearmint Essential Oil contains a large number of antioxidant qualities that are good for the skin. It helps diminish the appearance of skin imperfections such as wrinkles, dark spots, and discolouration. It makes the skin look youthful and glowing by increasing skin elasticity. The oil also works by maintaining quality hydration that your skin needs. Moreover, its powerful cooling sensation helps close facial pores, thus, preventing the entrance of dirt on the inner layer of your skin.

Check this DIY Facial Wash using Spearmint Essential Oil


  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • ¼ cup of natural castile liquid soap
  • 10 tbsp distilled water
  • 6 drops of spearmint essential oil
  • 2 drops of vitamin E oil


  • Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl. Then, add the 10 tbsp distilled water to dilute. Pour into a clean container. Shake well before using.

In Aromatherapy, Spearmint Essential Oil also works best in deodorising unpleasant scents and providing an invigorating effect by its restorative, minty fragrance. It blends well with a range of essential oils including Lavender, Rosemary, and Basil for diffusion.

Try this DIY Diffuser Blend


  • 5 drops of spearmint essential oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop of rosemary essential oil


  • Mix all oils to a 2 ml glass bottle. Vigorously shake the bottle for 1-2 minutes. Then, add the appropriate number of drops to your diffuser by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Although spearmint essential oil is mild in general, one should do a skin patch test first before using it topically. Also, it should not be ingested directly without advice from a physician.

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