Laundry Care

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Aside from skincare and aromatherapy applications, N-Essentials also stocks eco-household materials that can be used for your laundry needs. 
We believe that by using eco-friendly products, we can help preserve and clean our environment.
Nowadays, a lot of detergent bars and powders contain too many harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the skin. This is why N-Essentials offers natural washing ingredients that are not only effective but can also shield the skin against the damaging effects of harmful substances.
Also, commercialised cleaning products are usually expensive. This is due to the many chemicals used in manufacturing them. If you are looking for natural alternatives, then N-Essentials’ laundry care supplies is for you. Our Borax Powder and Soda Ash/Powder provides powerful benefits to your washing and cleaning needs.
Borax powder or Borax decahydrate, is known for its incredible cleansing properties. It can be used as a simple yet effective detergent and can even be used in making homemade soaps. Soda ash, similarly, can also be used as a simple detergent powder as it helps to lift dirt, hard-to-remove grease, and stains from your laundry.


Our laundry materials are naturally-sourced ingredients that give users alternatives for their laundry requirements.
N-Essentials is your ultimate provider of natural ingredients to be used in eco-household, aromatherapy, and cosmetic/skincare applications. We supply premium quality products across Australia and around the world. Just click through to each product and read its description for further information about their benefits. From there, you can also check what pricing and packaging options are available.