Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

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As there are for any medical condition that can scar and disfigure (both physically and mentally), there are lots of acne treatments and medicines on the market that are claimed to be ‘the cure’. Unfortunately, while some treatments are certainly capable of alleviating and offsetting the worst effects of the condition, there is no one ‘cure’ for acne, simply because there is no one single root cause.

There are certainly things that can be done and changes that can be made that will help reduce the severity of your acne if you are a sufferer. While it would not be fair to suggest that doing these things will definitely get rid of your problem permanently, they will definitely help, and that is undoubtedly going to be a step in the right direction for any acne sufferer.

The best thing is that many of the things that you can do and the steps that you can take to reduce the severity of your acne are entirely natural and do not involve the use of invasive pharmaceuticals or drugs, although creams, lotions and other medicines that are prescribed by your medical attendant are also a help.

This eBook takes the reader on a journey to investigate how you can best treat your acne problem in a natural way by looking at the importance of your body’s single largest organ – the skin.

Contents of this eBook:

1. What your skin does
2. The five stages of acne
3. What and why?
4. What is your acne telling you?
5. Simple acne reduction tips
6. Changing your diet
7. The vitamin B5 theory
8. Acne and zinc
9. Homeopathic acne treatment
10. Ayurverda and acne
11. Chinese medicine for acne (including herbal acne recipes)
12. Herbal remedies to be applied
13. Greent tea and acne
14. Other herbal remedies
15. Accutane
16. Other natural commercial remedies

36 pages

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