How Aromatherapy can change your life

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You may have heard of Aromatherapy but you probably have no idea what it is exactly or how it can change your life. Perhaps you’ve seen ads for aromatherapy massage or even purchased what you thought were aromatherapy candles in the store. This ebook takes you on a journey into the world of aromatherapy and how you can apply it in your everyday personal life as well as even turning it into a profession.

Contents of this ebook:

1. What is Aromatherapy?
2. History of Aromatherapy
3. Aromatherapy Massage Oils
4. Aromatherapy in the Bath
5. Aromatherapy Beauty Products
6. Aromatherapy to Treat Acne
7. Aromatherapy Infusion
8. Aromatherapy Incense
9. Getting Started in Your Aromatherapy Business
10. Where to Sell Your Aromatherapy Products

39 pages.

This eBook is in PDF format and is available for download when the order status progresses to "shipped" which is usually within 24 hours of payment.

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